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18 March 2009 @ 09:31 pm
Well I'm in a writing mood, so here is another ficlet. This one is an emerald city one, also Gelphie...

Her eyes scanned the front page of the Ozmipolitian, very little of anything worth while... A small nudge on her leg broke her focus as she reached down absentmindedly to scratch Malky's head. She flicked onto the next page, still nothing interesting. She gritted her teeth, resigned to the fact that their latest move probably hadn't made the headlines.

She was about to put the paper down when a picture caught her eye. A beautiful woman with her delicate hand in the clutches of some terribly fat older man. There was something familiar about the lady, Elphaba frowned turning to read the caption.

'The happy couple Mr and Mrs Chuffery pictured here. The Lady Glinda and...'

She stopped reading. Looking down to her old roommate's face she repressed a growl. She had warned her hadn't she! Told her to go for the brains not the money! Told her to MAKE something of herself. But no. Shown here, this waving little polished lap dog. Elphaba threw the paper down onto the floor as she got up and clutched her arms around herself.

Glinda hadn't waited. Well, she thought, neither would she. Fiyero would be here soon, let him try and fill up her heart.

But deep down, she knew that it would always belong to a spoilt little Glilikin girl with a hair like the summer sun who had stolen her humanity with a smile.

Oooooh Angst!
17 March 2009 @ 09:00 pm
Jim wanted a post, Jim got a post. Three Gelphie fics. I set myself a challenge, to up the rating on each one XD:

The Universal one:

 Galinda often wondered quite what made her roommate's hair so very soft, how did she get it to fall like that? He hands stroked through the silky locks, combing out each minuscule note, not noticing that Elphaba had long since fallen asleep on her shoulder with a smile fixed across her face.

The Pg-13 one:

 She gasped as her friend's hands stroked patterns across her skin, feeling fingertips drawing a masterpiece on her body. Never had she felt more beautiful than in this moment.

Annnnd the one you all wanted, the NC-17 one (the longest one lolXD):

 Green fingers pounded in and out of her body as her back arched, pressing her as closely to her shadowy companion as possible. Her breath came in gasps as she felt the other's mouth kiss, lick and bite it's way down her neck. She was close, so gloriously close...

She awoke sweating and tangled within her own sheets. Cursing all the hells that modern religions could offer the Good Witch reached down to continue what had been started.

And so, 3 years after the death of the Wicked Witch of the West, one person in all of Oz moaned her name into the night, before sobbing it into the darkness.
Avoiding coursework by writing Wicked fanfic. And shock horror, it's NOT GELPHIE! And it's MUSICAL verse. And it's FLUFF!

What has come over me?! I don't know, this was inspired by real events kids, Jim you know what I mean as you commented on it. Also inspired by AMT hot chocolate and Shakies Whipped cream topping.

Title: Whipped cream and windy days
Chapter(s): 1/1
Rating:  U (G for US? I don't know, anyone can read this one :D)
World:Musical verse. 
Subject: Galinda decides that her roommate and herself could use a little warming up on a chilly day.
Pairing:  NONE! Shocking isn't it? Well if you squint, turn your head sideways and have a mind dirtier then an Anne Summer's shop then it could be Gelphie
Authors Note:  Pure, unbetaed, fluff. I have been feeling down lately and this struck me as I was walking home from the gym. Could take place at any time at Shiz before Dillamond's dismissal .

She had no idea that Galinda liked that kind of thing.Collapse )
Also, am seeing Sunset Blovd. tonight, should be good :D 
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So good. Like amazing!

I saw Wicked (3rd time) today at the matinee, since I'm on hols. They sell the front row on the day at 10am for £25, and we got some! Near CENTER!!!!!!!! Uh! So amazing!

There were a couple of downsides, craning neck, not seeing lighting effects, costumes + mic obvious, but aside from those.....:D

The good bits:
  • Kerry Ellis: In general. You don't get better these days, short of Da Menzel Ellis is certainly the best! Her voice is mind blowing and her portrayal is perfect, very 'Elphabaish'.
  • Dianne Pilkington's Underwear. Her Shiz skirt is rather floaty when she turns and front row? Lets just say as well as being uber talented that woman has gorguoes legs. Hurrah for photographic memory. Also I love her Glinda, no matter what the haters say! She is very, very funny and her voice is fantastic.
  • Ollie T's trousers: So. Tight. I could see ever muscle in those legs. I have never wanted to pinch someone's butt as much as I did today XD. On the subject of Ollie, his ALAYM was brilliant. Normally that is one of my least fav songs, but he made it for me today, FIERCE!
  • The little things: Such as Dianne's little wave to Kerry in DTL and Kerry nearly corpseing. Also throughout Wounderful Kerry kept trying to keep her 'angry' face, but it just ended up as a laugh.
  • The costumes: Up and downs for these, you could clearly see the green vest and the mics and the wig line but you could also see all of the detailing on costumes. The uniforms and stuff were breathtaking up close
  • Being...there: Just being almost close enough to touch the acts was enough. A whole new way to see a show.
  • Facial expressions: You can't normally make them out, here to could

We staged door, but since it's a matinee didn't expect to see Kerry. I got Andy's, Jeremy's, George's and Ollie's though.

You know what's odd? I understand that Kerry was prob still green for the later show... but why didn't Dianne come out XD? <strike> Ellington! </strike>Nah, I shouldn't say that. Should I?

Love you all, thanks for all the advice and nice words recently. It's been tough, but this has cheered me up considerably.


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04 March 2009 @ 10:38 pm
The Good

I have a job! One of the best jobs ever, yes ladies and gents I work at...SHAKIES! I make milkshake for a living! £3.60 an hour and I work weekends. I get a free milkshake and as much run off as I want (don't take much though), so I can try all the flavors . But that's not the coolest thing, you know what the coolest thing is? I wear MOO COW TROUSERS! That's right, I wear cow print trousers. So cool. Anyway, work is good, if very tiring.

I just got back from Disneyland Paris! For an 'IT conference'... right. We had two days in the park and lived in cabins and oh it was wonderful. Pics of me: on my facebook, pics 1-19, more will follow later. I bought a photo album, a glass, a fridge magnet and some lovely Jimjams, but I won't post a pic of them as they are a bit...short*. This is good.

Our FMP is shaping up, I'm on a break now but it's all looking good.

The Bad

My mum is still very upset over my Nan, it will take her time and I'm giving her all the love I can. It is frightening to see her like this, but I love her and know she will pull through. It is my Nan's funeral this Friday and I'm going to read a bit to it. I was going to sing, but I couldn't find anything right for it. I wanted this to be a celebrate my Nan and her life, but my mum thinks that it should be more sombre and I respect her wishes. This is sort of bad I suppose.

I have so much coursework. So much. I have:
Sociology re-do
History re-do and Vietnam coursework
All my cit coursework
Sci coursework
Singing for exam
Singing/Dance/act for FMP.

Ug, on top of Reg work this is going to be hard.

The Ugly

You are all sick of hearing about my body image, so I'll cut this one short. I have managed to get down to 9st 8 (134 pounds? Something like that), not enough yet really. But now I work in Shakies I'm worried that I'll put on weight ><. Back to the gym for me...

Didn't want to end on a down note, so o amuse you all...

The least flattering trousers ever... but the best

More pics under cut:

MOO WITH MECollapse )

*I look a bit like a whore with a Disney fetish XD

26 February 2009 @ 07:00 am
My nan will probably be leaving us today. I said goodbye, but it still hurts you know?

...I now have to go to school and sing a song about celebrating life and stuff. Feels slightly too soon.

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21 February 2009 @ 02:44 pm
I hope that all of you Wicked fans have seen this by now, if not then where have you been?

The Wicked Witch of the West and Orange

Ps thanks everyone for there advice this week, it's really been appreciated  xxx

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18 February 2009 @ 07:37 pm
Ug, prepare for some moaning. Sorry. If you read this then I owe you internet brownies.

Day start: Woke up at 5:30 (normally wake at 6), couldn't go back to sleep
Saw my yearbook photo. I look so fat. Like two stone heavier. I have a double chin and everything! ><
Was depressed about weight for about an hour

*Rest of day was average, if very boring*

Went to go home. There had been a suicide on the tracks at Whieleaf and Thorton Heath. The trains were fucked up beyond measure. Two people stopped London. I feel harsh writing this as clearly their problems were greater then mine and I hope they have found some sort of peace.

I was meant to have my first ever job interview today (For a new milkshake place - 'Shakies') and had to bloody miss it!

Didn't get into my station until after 7pm (school ended 4:15)

Walked past the place I was meant to have the job interview as it is on my way home. Went in to apologise, the people were still there and asked me questions. I didn't answer all that well. I screwed up.

On top of all this I missed Ballet and have History coursework due for tomorrow.


Thanks for reading, if you did. I know I shouldn't complain as there are people far worse off then me. But I had to gripe somewhere and here was the least destructive.

Love you guys

13 February 2009 @ 05:02 pm
Guess what my forth exam song is for grade 7?

Burlington Bertie from Bow.

I'm a male impersonator! I think my singing teacher may suspect something >.<... Now all I can think of is tipping the velvet. Hmm maybe I'll attract some cute girl with my act XD

Anyway, my song list now:

   1. Pre 1900: Burlington Bertie from Bow
   2. 1920 -50: Johnny one note - Babes in arms
   3. 1950- 70: Will he like me? - You've got mail
   4. Post 1970: Look at me now - Wild party

I have to add dialogue in one of them, probably Look at me now, just the bit she does with Mr Black in the middle is enough.

Non-singing related:

Snow’s gone. Valentine’s day is tomorrow. Joy of joys. ><

Erm, my friend thinks that I have a Discworld addiction. I keep referencing it without noticing:

‘History is written by the winners’ – History
‘It’s like you wake up twice, the first time into the dream world and second into the real world’ – English (She thinks it’s a Tiffany reference)

I argue that she has the problem for being able to notice that I am doing it.

I really want to see Wicked again. And 39 steps. And Les Miz, and a bunch of other things. Why must you be so expensive tickets? WHY?

Much love.

Your pal.



Ps Does anyone say pal anymore? I think they should, it’s a good word.
Pps I saw a Romeo & Juliet production by year 14 at school. WOW that play has a lot of innuendo…
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06 February 2009 @ 08:46 pm
To go to these:



Wicked GIRLS: Monday 16th February

OR Friday 20th February DO NOT ATTEND BOTH BOYS: Tuesday 17th FebruaryRegistration for all days 9.30am Registration closes 11.00am Venue: Brixton Community Space, Talma Road, London SW2 1AS. Nearest tube: Brixton Seeking unique and fit dancers with strong modern/ ballet/jazz technique for Wayne Cilento’s edgy and contemporary choreography. Please wear tight fitting dance gear, jazz shoes AND trainers and also bring knee pads. Please bring CV and headshot stapled together. Please bring a contemporary Musical Theatre song

with the sheet music. No backing tracks.

A pianist will be provided. ' (Taken from the Stage website, you shouldn't be able to see this really unless you are a subscriber, such as myself, but I'm bending the rules a little XD)

Do you know how much I want that - DO YOU? Yet, I would not be able to work, nor cut school, nor get head shoots or improve my dance ability substantionally (on the up side, the singing would be fine :D). Bugger. One day Wicked, ONE DAY!

This leads me nicely onto my next point: Ballet. I love ballet, ballet does not love me. I can get into poses and stretching is fine, but some of the movements are so bizarre! I've been learning since September and I can not Pirouette for the life of me, but oddly I can do all the bar work. oO

Anything else? Well I just saw Slumdog millionaire, it was good and Hollywoody, but it did glamourise the slums slightly. Only slightly, the child beggers really hit home and brought some nasty memories. Also, you would never get a station that empty. NEVER. Ah well, aside from that I liked it.

So how is everyone? XD